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for Non-Technical Users

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Modula is the only gallery plugin that users love, trust & recommend. 

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Modula is the best gallery plugin for WordPress
I’ve ever used. It’s fast, easy to start, and has some killer features. It’s also super customizable.
As a developer, I appreciate that for my clients. As a user, I appreciate that I don’t need to add any code.

Joe Casabona

Joe Casabona

Podcaster, Educator & Front-end developer

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If you’re like most of our customers, you never intended to bore your audience with look-alike
galleries. It’s not your fault; gallery plugins often don’t give us a choice.

Masonry (columns)

For designers who prefer a classic masonry gallery layout, this works by placing elements in optimal positions based on available vertical space, like a mason-fitting stone in a wall.

Custom Grid

This is for photographers who want even more control over each gallery layout. Easily resize images into any aspect ratio you want. Display portrait and landscape images side by side without compromising the focus point.

Automatic Layouts

For those who want to create a good-looking gallery without touching too many settings. You only have to specify the gallery’s height, and our algorithm will intelligently arrange images within the given space. Randomly arrange images on each page load. We have that as well.

What kind of gallery do you need?

Check out demos of the infinite possibilities of what you can do
with the Modula Gallery Plugin. Click on one of the demo links below to see it in action!

Gallery with filters
Captions on Thumbnails
Captions Inside Lightbox
Hover Effects
Full-Width Slider
Shuffle Images

Downloads and counting…

Here are some reasons why people
choose Modula over the competition…

“Finally, a beautiful-looking image gallery plugin with a development team that cares about web performance. If you’re looking to showcase your images and care about the speed of your website…”

Brian Jackson

Growth Marketer obsessed
with web performance

“If I measure the success of a product by how much time it saves me to go and enjoy doing non-work-related stuff, then this plugin is right up there with the best. Except I find myself spending hours playing with it…”

Kimberly Peters

Web Developer
& Entrepreneur

“I installed Modula yesterday and was quickly and easily able to set up my first image gallery using the “Creative Gallery” option. Thanks to the many styling settings, it works without problems and looks professional and modern. Great plugin!”

Howard Burns

Photographer, Business Owner
& Website Builder

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We know that when people add galleries, they don’t intend to slow down their sites.
Everyone hates slow sites. But an all-text website looks horrible.


Faster Galleries with CDN


Image Optimization


Optimized Code

SpeedUP (tm)

Our proprietary solution combines class-leading image optimization algorithms with a blazing-fast CDN resulting in images without any loss of fidelity that looks great without slowing down your site.

Device-aware gallery layouts

Employing a combination of smart cropping algorithms and responsive web design, we make sure galleries render the perfect and lightest image on various devices or screen sizes.

If you’re tired of losing clients or not ranking high enough in Google’s search results because you have a slow-loading gallery – you need Modula.

14-day money-back guarantee. Love it, or get a full refund.

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